Hep-I-Spheres™: technology, products and services

The 3D cell culture of hepatocytes is a rapidly expanding field in an attempt to recreate, in a controlled, artificial environment; the complex 3D microenvironment of the human liver, which is essential for hepatocyte longevity and function. 3D cell culture of hepatocytes attempts to address the existing limitations of conventional in vitro cell culture and in vivo animal models used for preclinical efficacy and safety studies during the drug development process. A hepatocyte spheroid culture is a 3D cell culture of organized, aggregates of hepatocytes.

Hep-I-Spheres™ are IVAL's newly-developed 3D hepatocyte spheroid cultures. These long-term cultures have liver-like morphology and function that allows for better simulation of in vivo drug exposure conditions, making it a useful tool for preclinical drug efficacy and safety studies.

H&E stain of human liver tissue and 21-day old human Hep-I-Spheres™ MRP protein expression in human liver tissue and 21-day old human Hep-I-Spheres™


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IVAL offers this 3D in vitro test system as a product or as a contract service to provide the customer the option that works best for them. Contact us to discuss your next 3D test system project

Advantages of Hep-I-Spheres™

✓ Use of cryopreserved cells (from IVAL's hepatocytes inventory stocks)

✓ 1 single spheroid per well

✓ Minimal size variation (<10%)

✓ Scaffold-free, no external matrices added

✓ Co-culture of liver parenchymal and non-parenchymal cells, including Kupffer cells

✓ Compatible for HTS

✓ Optimized medium

Hep-I-Spheres™ Products

Human Hep-I-Spheres™, 96-well

87001 Mono-Culture
87003 Co-Culture (NPCs)
87005 Co-Culture (Kupffer cells)

Monkey Hep-I-Spheres™, 96-well

87013 Mono-Culture

Dog Hep-I-Spheres™, 96-well

87011 Mono-Culture

Rat Hep-I-Spheres™, 96-well

87009 Mono-Culture

Mouse Hep-I-Spheres™, 96-well

87007 Mono-Culture

Hep-I-Spheres™ Maintenance Medium (for Human, Monkey, and Dog)

87015 (250mL) supplement included with order
87016 (500mL) supplement included with order

Rodent Hep-I-Spheres™ Maintenance Medium (for Rat and Mouse)

87019 (250mL) supplement included with order
87020 (500mL) supplement included with order

Hep-I-Spheres™ are produced and shipped on a schedule (see below). Orders for Hep-I-Spheres™ are to be placed 1 week prior to a given production date.

Hep-I-Spheres™ order, production and shipment schedule:

January 2017 Thursday, January 12th Thursday, January 19th Wednesday, January 25th
February 2017 Thursday, January 26th Thursday, February 2nd Wednesday, February 8th
  Thursday, February 9th Thursday, February 16th Wednesday, February 22nd
March 2017 Thursday, February 23rd Thursday, March 2nd Wednesday, March 8th
  Thursday, March 16th Thursday, March 23rd Wednesday, March 29th