On DemandTM Hepatocytes

Plating hepatocytes takes hours of preparation and can be frustratingly tricky for its own sake. Our OnDemand™ pre-plated hepatocytes give you all of the advantages of cryopreserved products with none of the hassle. Just give us a call, and our seasoned hepatocyte scientists will thaw and plate the cells for you.

The plated OnDemand™ cells will be shipped or delivered to fit your schedule. Our proprietary shipping media allows up to 2 days in transit without sacrificing quality. Now, you can schedule your lab work without fear of poor attachment rates and other obstacles related to inexperience in thawing and plating procedures.

Product Features

  • No hassle, no frustration; save your valuable time for other tasks
  • High-quality cells guaranteed with IVAL’s years of expertise in hepatocytes
  • Convenient, ready-to-go
  • Fast delivery, expect your plates as quick as within 24 hours
  • Large selection; available in human, mouse, rat, dog, non-human primate, etc.

Available Products

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  • OnDemandTM Plated Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes (Catalog # 82043-XXOD)
  • OnDemandTM Plated Cryopreserved Cynomolgus Monkey Hepatocytes (Catalog # 82047-XXOD)
  • OnDemandTM Plated Cryopreserved Dog Hepatocytes (Catalog # 82046-XXOD)
  • OnDemandTM Plated Cryopreserved SD Rat Hepatocytes (Catalog # 82045-XXOD)
  • OnDemandTM Plated Cryopreserved CD-1 Mouse Hepatocytes (Catalog # 82044-XXOD)