Media Recommended for Hepatocyte Related Experiments

Looking for the right media for your hepatocytes plating, culture, and metabolism assays? You’ve got you!

We understand the importance of media in the success of hepatocyte culture. With over 30 years of hepatocyte culture experience, IVAL has optimized a selection of media recipes to help customers attain reliable results.

Here are a list of media we recommend to use with IVAL’s premier primary hepatocytes.

Ideal media for your long-term incubation of hepatocytes.
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Li’s Differentiation Maintenance Medium (LDMMTM)

Media for your hepatocyte culture or induction assays.
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Hepatocyte Induction Medium (HIMTM)

Media recommended for hepatocyte or enterocyte incubation.
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Hepatocyte / Enterocyte Incubation Medium (HQMTM)

Media recommended for hepatocyte plating; optimized for high cell attachment rate.
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Universal Primary Cell Plating Medium (UPCMTM)

Media recommended in the thawing and recovery of cryopreserved hepatocytes.
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Universal Cryopreservation Recovery Medium (UCRMTM)