Training and Education

Easily accessible by public transit, IVAL’s Boston Hepatocyte Technology Center at 389 Main Street in Malden, MA, hosts regular hands-on hepatocyte training workshops and scientific symposia on the latest drug development topics.  This 10,000 square-foot facility expands our laboratory operations and houses a 60-person capacity conference room,  providing both scientific and edulational resources to the scientific community. Whether it’s hands-on training, staying current on new developments or networking with like-minded scientific professionals, this is the place for your Complete Hepatocyte SolutionsTM.

Hepatocyte Workshops

Our workshops are designed for industry professionals seeking to improve hepatocyte handling skills and increase knowledge of in vitro assays for metabolism, inhibition, induction and transporters.

Participants will learn best practices and refresh their skills in such areas as:

  • Cell culture and sterile laboratory basics
  • Thawing and recovery procedures
  • Plating and suspension techniques for drug development assays
  • Cell counting
  • Demonstrations of innovative hepatocyte applications

Informational discussions are featured as part of the workshop on relevant topics:

  • An overview of ADME-Tox
  • Review of regulatory guidance regarding the use of hepatocytes and microsomes
  • Emerging research on hepatocyte applications


IVAL hosts scientific symposia and short courses throughout the year to provide the drug development community with an opportunity to discuss the latest research regarding scientific innovations, with special emphasis on hepatocytes in drug discovery and drug development applications.